Fluorine-free F3 foam extinguisher (AB)

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Good fire protection is not only effective and safe for the user, but also takes the environment into account. Since the start of the Milieukeur for fire extinguishers, Saval has repeatedly succeeded in further reducing the fluorine content in fire-fighting foam. Now Saval is taking a fundamental step: the new Bioclass F3 foam extinguishers are completely fluorine-free, without making concessions to the extinguishing capacity, on solids, liquids and Lithium-Ion fires (up to 600 Wh). With Bioclass F3 the choice is simple: choose safe and choose our environment.

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    The hidden risk of fluorine

    Fluorosurfactants and other perfluorinated compounds play an important role in all kinds of products: cleaning and maintenance products, packaging materials, fabrics and coatings. But also in fire extinguishing foams, the special properties of fluorine compounds ensure higher effectiveness and a long shelf life. But these man-made chemicals have a major drawback: they are so stable that they cannot be broken down by nature and they also accumulate in animal fat tissues. At present the measured levels are still low, but in the long term fluorosurfactants could also end up in the human food chain in harmful amounts.

    There is only one good solution for this problem: ensuring that these substances can no longer end up in the environment. We took the first step a few years ago by placing the harmful fluorosurfactants in a separate container in the extinguisher. Now we are taking the ultimate step: the new Bioclass F3 foam extinguishers are 100% fluorine-free.

    TNO innovated with label groen
    New technology

    Dutch development

    The Bioclass F3 foam was developed by Saval itself, in close collaboration with TNO Applied Materials. TNO’s expertise in the field of special materials and more than 90 years of fire protection experience from Saval have led to this unique solution. Both the F3 fire extinguishing foam and the complete fire extinguishers are manufactured in our factory in Breda. Top Dutch technology by Dutch professionals.

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    Battery fires

    Suitable for LI-ION battery fires

    The Bioclass F3 foam has proven to be extremely effective during specialist extinguishing tests on Lithium-Ion fires. The special composition of the foam guarantees intensive, long-lasting cooling of the Li-Ion battery cells. The 9 liter Bioclass F3 extinguisher has achieved a rating for batteries of 600 Wh.


    • Specifications
    • Physical properties
      Height 565 Millimeter
      Width 230 Millimeter
      Diameter 162 Millimeter
      Weight filled 10.1 Kilogram
      Contents (L) 6 Liter
    • Characteristics
      Test pressure 27 Bar
      Working pressure at 20 °C 14 Bar
      Discharge time 40 Second
      Throw length 5 Meter
      Hose length 520 Millimeter
      Fire Class A rating 21
      Fire Class B rating 113
      Minimum temperature 0 Celsius
      Maximum temperature 60 Celsius

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