Simply buying it isn't enough

Maintaining and managing your fire-extinguishing equipment and systems is just as important as owning them. There is a real risk that poorly maintained equipment will fail in an emergency, or even present a hazard. Good periodic monitoring is therefore essential for the safety of your employees and property.

FIS service department

Fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, emergency lighting, dry risers, AED, etc.

T: +31 76 5487 230
F: +31 76 5417 922

HVAP service department

Extinguishing gas systems, foam systems, water mist systems, detection and evacuation systems, etc.

T: +31 76 5487 235
F: +31 76 5417 922

Automation & Certification

Digital registration enables us to give you a clear overview of the existing fire protection at all times, maintained in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations.

National network

More than 100 Saval service employees are engaged in maintaining extinguishing equipment and systems every day. Thanks to the national network, we are always close to you.

Brand independent

With our extensive experience and expertise, we not only maintain Saval fire extinguishing equipment and systems, but all brands on the Belgian market.


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