ASD-10Q Smoke detector
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ASD-10Q smoke detector

Our ASD-10Q smoke detector also meets the strict requirements of the European standard EN14604. Recently, this detector has also been fitted with a permanently mounted Lithium battery with a service life of 10 years.

The unique function controlled by a micro-controller (dust compensation) reduces the risk of a false alarm.

  • Alarm signal: 85dB @ 3 meters;
  • Fault message: short acoustic signal every 40 seconds;
  • OK message: short light signal every 360 seconds;
  • Test function: sound signal if detector OK;
  • Pause function in alarm: suppresses acoustic signal for 10 minutes;
  • Temperature range: + 5ºC to + 38ºC;
  • Relative humidity: up to 85% rh;
  • Size: Ø 80 mm height 48 mm

Warranty: 10 years on smoke detector and battery


  • Specifications
  • General
    Articlenumber 2880902
    Type of detection Smoke

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