Slibverwerking Noord-Brabant 2

Special application of water mist accepted by insurer

N.V. Slibverwerking Noord-Brabant (SNB) is the largest sludge processor in the Netherlands. Sludge is a residual product from sewage treatment plants. An essential part of the process are the turbines. In order to prevent fire and assure business continuity, high-pressure water mist systems were installed in the casings of two new turbines.

Alternative to insurer's requirements

The insurance company required an NFPA sprinkler system, but the water consumption of a sprinkler system would have been a major drawback. It would damage the turbine and increase the risk of flammable substances spreading.

We considered all the factors which are important for the insurer and client and made a risk assessment. We then designed a high-pressure water mist system in accordance with the NFPA standard. It met all the requirements and was accepted by all parties.

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