brandbeveiliging voor grotere tanks dan in de normen staat v2
CFI Rim Seal Fire Protection for large storage tanks in Poland

CFI Rim Seal Fire Protection for large storage tanks in Poland

PERN S.A. operates the network of pipelines transporting crude oil for the biggest producers of fuels in Poland and Germany. Additionally PERN S.A provides storage for crude oil. They own three tank farms and are equipped with tank capacities from 32.000 to 100.000 m3. We have equipped the 100.000 m3 tanks with automatic detection and gas based extinguishing systems: CFI Rim Seal Fire Protection.

How do you protect 100.000 m3 storage tanks?

Due to capacity expansion additional tanks had to be build. The larger storage tanks: 80 meter diameter and 100.000 m3 crude oil storage capacity, proofed a challenge. These extra large storage tanks need additional automatic fire protection. To complicate things further the very low temperature during winter time of -20 degrees Celsius had to be considered to ensure operation of the system at all times.
An automatic detection and gas based extinguishing system was chosen

that is specifically designed and certified for such rim seal fires: CFI Rim Seal Fire Protection. The third party system approval: VDS approval (similar to UL or FM) on the CFI system enabled the client to obtain clearance from the authority having jurisdiction. Unlike water or foam, CF3I gas is not effected by the very cold temperatures, making this a very suitable extinguishing medium. The system is connected via the Saval SK3000 fire alarm panel to clients site control and alarm (SCADA) system.

cfi rim seal fire protection for large storage tanks in poland v2

Modular units for easy installation

Together with our Polish partner Sensor ACM and the client specific considerations, such as the low temperatures nozzles, were incorporated into the final design and production at our factory. The modular build of the units enabled easy installation (plug and play) on the newly build tanks in Poland.


Large tanks well protected

The large tanks of PERN S.A. are well protected by the installed CFI Rim Seal Fire Protection systems. Within seconds, a fire is detected and extinguished. In addition, the system has an approval of the local authorities.