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Energy, Data & Telecom

The foundational networks encompassing gas, electricity, water, telephony, and data constitute pillars of immense societal and economic significance, underscoring the gravity of their potential unavailability.

This sector necessitates a risk-centric approach to fire safety, given the profound repercussions that disruptions can precipitate. Within this sector, where personnel presence is frequently minimal at the pertinent facilities, the focal point shifts from human safety to the preservation of uninterrupted operations.

In such contexts, our strategy frequently revolves around the implementation of swift detection systems that seamlessly trigger the release of extinguishing gases within a 60-second timeframe. This judiciously orchestrated process effectively eradicates oxygen from the space, promptly extinguishing fires while minimizing collateral harm to essential equipment. Notably, diverse extinguishing gases exist, each tailored to achieve the desired outcome through distinct mechanisms. We stand ready to provide personalized counsel regarding the optimal solution for your specific circumstances.

Our approach

Fire safety always consists of the right balance between Intervention, Installation and Instruction, with you at the center. We explain step by step what our Installation-process contains.

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Risk Assessment & Action Plan

The first step is to make a risk assessment based on architectural, systems and organisational aspects. Every building has its own risks, which we specify. The report identifies possible solutions in general terms plus an estimate of the cost if required. The solutions are worked out in the action plan, which also describes the implementation in the process or organisation.

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Preliminary Design, Calculation & Engineering

After approval of the action plan, the design work can begin. The final cost estimate (quotation) is also made at this stage. Once the quotation has been agreed, we can start on the detailed design. The project assignment is signed by both the client and the contractor. In many cases, the drawings and design calculations also need to be approved by inspection bodies.

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Installation, Commissioning & Certification

Clear agreements are made regarding planning, lead times, implementation and delivery. At the end of the project, we will submit a maintenance agreement for one or more years. Fire safety systems are usually delivered with a certificate. Sometimes that is just a product certificate, but often there is also an inspection certificate from an accredited inspection body. The inspection involves checking that the system matches the approved design and is functional.

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Short-Term Projects / Small Works

The Short-term Projects / Small Works department has been specifically established to swiftly and adaptably execute tasks with agility. This work encompasses tasks stemming from residual points identified during maintenance or inspections, system modifications required following building renovations or expansions, replacement of parts or entire installations, as well as the installation of new, albeit small-scale, fire protection systems.

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