Your independent guide in the extinguishing foam transition

In the coming years, all extinguishing foam must be fluorine-free. Foam legislation is changing and the developments in fluorine-free foam are going fast. The extinguishing foam transition also affects your company. So it raises questions: what do you need to do and when?


Saval offers you the foam transition program.
It will allow you to go through this invoidable transition smoothly and efficiently.

Foam Transition Program 20

In six clear steps to your customized transfer program

Our knowledge is your advantage

The extinguishing foam transition involves more than just replacing foam. Systems, installations and procedures will probably also have to be adapted. Our many years of experience in designing and installing extinguishing foam systems comes in handy here. More importantly, we maintain excellent relationships with all fire-fighting foam manufacturers worldwide.

This allows us to be your independent guide and truly tailor-made a transition program for you. This may also mean that an intermediate step towards low fluorine foam (C6) is a best choice because the developments of optimal fluorine-free foams are currently going extremely fast.

Important moments

The steps

1. Introduction
We get acquainted, draw up the current situation and determine the stakeholders involved in the transition.

2. Analysis & Inventory
We make an inventory of the existing extinguishing foam system, the secured products and process parameters. We provide insight into the available options in a fluorine-free extinguishing foam concentrate.

3. System Check
We take a close look at the current system and determine what is needed in terms of capacity and components.




Foam Transition Program 17

Foam Transition Program 18


4. Elaboration of scenarios
We list the different scenarios, based on the analysis and the system check. We provide insight into which investment requires which scenario and we draw up an action plan for the transition.

5. Moment of choice
We advise you on the choice to be made: which scenario is the most advantageous and most future-proof for you?

6. Execution
We will get started with the actual transition. We ensure the shortest possible interruption of your business activity and guarantee maximum safety by working with the right experts.

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