As a quality company, Saval has a reputation to uphold. Everything within the business is aimed at meeting our clients' expectations in this regard. Continually improving business processes in a customer-focused manner is embedded within our business model and ensures active and innovative operational management. Naturally, we comply with all the applicable standards.


Saval would you like to tell you about its efforts to comply with EU regulations relating to REACH.

In the final phase before 30 November 2008, the deadline for preregistration, we contacted all the relevant suppliers of our chemicals substances and where applicable we preregistered the substances we manufacture ourselves.

As a result, we are convinced there will be no risk to the continuity of the supply chain. The most important part of our health & safety information about the extinguishing media and/or other components used in our products is available on our website.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information if required.