Tank terminals 12

Tank terminals

Tank terminals are characterised by the storage of large volumes of highly flammable and/or explosive substances in a relatively small area. An incident can quickly result in an unmanageable situation unless effective fire protection measures are in place. The fire protection equipment must be reliable even under extreme conditions because fire safety in this sector

is crucial. Periodic testing of the equipment in an effective and environmentally friendly manner is essential. Our specialists have specific knowledge of your sector and will be pleased to share ideas on the best solution for your situation. And they will give you a clear idea of the costs, not just of purchase but also of preventive and corrective maintenance.

Our approach

Fire safety always consists of the right balance between Intervention, Installation and Instruction, with you at the center. We explain step by step what our Installation-process contains.


The following cases are examples of the various challenges we have faced in your sector: from problem, to solution, to implementation, to results.

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