Voeding & Farmacie

Food & Pharma

The strict hygiene requirements in the food and pharma industry demand a very different approach to the installation and maintenance of fire protection systems. We’ll work with you so the installation and maintenance work proceed as quickly as possible. Because the process must not be interrupted under any circumstances.

In an environment in which staff wear white coats, masks and hats, our engineer can’t simply walk in wearing blue overalls and start work. Laboratories are strictly separated from other areas by means of access control systems, but they must still be able to be evacuated quickly and safely. These rooms, all of which are used in different ways, require extra attention to get the approach right, because shutting down the process is not an option. Besides safe working, this sector requires extreme order and tidiness from our service engineers. All things you fortunately don’t have to explain to us.



Fire safety always consists of the right balance between Intervention, Installation and Instruction, with you at the center. We explain step by step what our Installation-process contains.

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