Turbo 2400

Turbo nozzle

{"entityMap":{},"blocks":[{"key":"70e7h","text":"AWG-Turbo-Nozzles meet the standard DIN 14 367 for branchpipes. The flow rates can be selected by the adjusting sleeve, and opening and closing by means of the lever. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"56aaa","text":" \nA special feature is the extinguishing power, due to optimal droplet size also at the full range of the 0\u00b0 to 120\u00b0 adjustable water-filled spray stream. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"1602h","text":" ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"pl5s","text":"The AWG-Nozzles have two pointers: ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"3khle","text":"a good aid to feel the selected flow rate","type":"unordered-list-item","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"6tnog","text":"as well as the type of the stream. ","type":"unordered-list-item","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"b3191","text":" \nWith Flash-Over position. Inlet also swivelling under pressure. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}}]}
  • Certificates and approval marks:
  • FM Approved
  • Product group Nozzle
  • Product family Fire department equipment
  • Approval FM
  • Article Number 2146289
  • Material Aluminum
  • Approval FM
  • Inlet Connection G2A
  • Operating pressure 6 bar
  • Operation Manual
  • Flow rates 130-235-400 ltr/min
  • Spray patterns 0 ° - ca. 120 °

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