{"entityMap":{},"blocks":[{"key":"cumeq","text":"With ESKALED Advance you get the latest generation of luminaires with benefits aimed at the future. Significant savings can be made on your energy consumption by using the latest generation of LED lighting. In addition, a Li-ion backup battery with a lifespan of 8 years instead of 4 years.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"39g0a","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"c8l8n","text":"There are environments where, in addition to safety, the ambiance is very important. Think, for example, of theaters or cinemas where the emergency lighting should not be a distraction, but the emergency exits should still be sufficiently lit. The best of both worlds can be made possible","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"3nhdo","text":"by dimming the lighting where necessary to 25, 50, or 75% of the maximum light output.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"6i6gk","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"fqatl","text":"ESKALED Advance has a self-test function, with which the fixture itself is able to perform measurements on the functioning of the light source. In addition, it is measured whether the backup battery has sufficient capacity and at least the required minimum capacity in the event of a power failure","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"3bgmv","text":"duration of 60 minutes can provide sufficient light. These measurements can be transmitted completely wirelessly to your computer, tablet or smartphone by connecting the optional Safety Connect EMLN module. This way you can be sure of optimal escape safety 24\/7 and are you fully prepared for the future.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}}]}
  • Certificates and approval marks:
  • Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305/2011
  • Product group Emergency lighting
  • Product family ESKALED
  • Article Number 2878700
  • Lightsource LED
  • Waterproof IP50
  • Function Permanent / Niet permanent
  • Number of Lightsources 8 x LED strips
  • Autonomous 60 min.

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