Tank terminal 2.0 session

On April 10th and 11th, industry experts from SK’s Business Unit High Value Asset Protection joined forces to develop innovative tank terminal safety concepts.

Our experts gathered from The Netherlands (Saval), Belgium (Somati Systems and Saval), Norway (NOHA) and UK (Knowsley SK). This team of experts is responsible for protecting over 350.000.000 m³ of oil and chemical storage facilities across the EMEA region.

The purpose of this day was to improve our current and new systems, our products and solutions in order to

  • reduce operators total cost of ownership,
  • reduce the time an installation isn’t available because of maintenance and
  • increase environmental awareness.

Topics of this gathering were new trends, (environmental) regulations (e.g. new Dutch PGS29 regulation), environmental awareness, user centeredness and internet of things.

The results of the day are very promising. A lot of new ideas for systems, products and solutions emerged.  A plan for further development of these ideas and the implementation for the upcoming year is already in the making.

We want to invest in passionate and motivated people, enable them to work together and share their ideas. It’s not only rewarding but also the way in which new ideas emerge!