A fascinating and exciting study trip to Vernon with various live tests

The day was finally there after four months of preparation, Thursday 2nd of November, the start of the study trip “Sprinkler / foam & extinguishing systems”. Forty employees of various safety regions and engineering, consultancy and inspection agencies in the Benelux embarked a fascinating study trip. This study trip to CNPP’s accredited testing facilities in St. Marcel (France) was organized in collaboration with our leading manufacturers of fire extinguishing foam concentrates, Dr. Sthamer.

After a pleasant bus trip from Breda to CNPP and a well-deserved lunch, we immediately started with lectures in the auditorium of CNPP about the evolution, development and application areas of extinguishing foam. The second day we had a very interesting lecture by Jerry Krijn about ‘Application rates vs. Fuel type’ and  ‘Water powered foam concentrate pumps’ and electronically controlled foam proportioners’. During the coffee breaks and the lecture about electronically controlled mixers, my colleague Tom Weyns took advantage of this opportunity and introduced our latest development: ‘The SmartMix’, the next generation electronic foam mixing proportioner.

After lunch the participants got an extensive practical on the practice platform of CNPP, in which the theory of the first part of the study trip was shown in practice. After a full surface fire test, in which several participants with a fireman’s suit have been able to experience the intense heat of a large fire from close by. We have shown the participants, on a small scale, the operation of the Dr. Sthamer foam box and various application techniques of extinguishing foam on hydrocarbons and alcohol. Also the simplicity of the discharge of foam in a glass of water was very interesting to behold.

After this small-scale practical, everyone was ready for the real thing!

With the guidance of Peter de Roos of H2K, a participant extinguished a large full surface fire with heavy foam. Peter turned the theory into practice again. He showed the differences of forceful and gentle application and the cooling effect of the foam in a live situation.

We saw several full surface fires which were again extinguished by Peter de Roos and the participants through various foams. Jerry Krijn showed Dr. Sthamer  test box and how the quality of the fire extinguishing foam can be tested. During all these live tests we used the Turbinator, one of the most silent water motor powered mixers I have ever seen. The presentation and demonstration was supervised by colleagues from our sister company Knowsley SK from Manchester, they flown over specially for this study trip and demonstration.

During this three-day study trip, we presented the participants the developments and application areas of various fire-fighting foam concentrates in various fire protection solutions. Apart from subjects such as the simultaneous cooling and foaming of tanks, we also shared the development of fluorine-free foam with the participants.

It was a fascinating and exciting study trip. With various live tests, we have demonstrated the theory in practice. We have gained a lot of knowledge during this study trip. In addition, the mutual sharing of knowledge between the various participants of the engineering, consultancy and inspection agencies was at least as valuable.

I’m very proud and satisfied after three great days at CNPP with a great group of people. Many thanks to all participants, Dr. Sthamer and colleagues, who have made these days possible. Special thanks to my colleagues at Knowsley SK for their great support and the demonstration of the Knowsley SK Turbinator. And of course a lot of thanks to Peter de Roos of H2K and his assistant Marco Zomer for their incredible demonstrations of the application of various extinguishing foams on large fires in a very realistic environment.

I am very honored to have been able to organize this study trip for you all, thank you!

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Written by Miguel Martinez
Sales manager projecten