The new electronic foam proportioner: FoamTronic®

Cost reduction for the customer and environmental protection was our drive for the development of the new foam proportioner: FoamTronic®. FoamTronic is an electronic foam mixing system which very accurately mixes foam concentrate and water for foam extinguishing systems.

Very precise mixing ratio is a characteristic of the system. The flow rate varies from 150 liters per minute to 450,000 liters per minute. The full testing procedure can be done without consuming foam concentrate and without creating foam solution. The procedure is economical and environmentally friendly with no clean up required.

Diagnostics and data logging
The intuitive graphic user interface,  developed especially for FoamTronic®, allows a user to view system parameters and diagnostics. All process values, alarms and reports are recorded during normal operation and testing of the system. Every component of the FoamTronic® has continuous signal monitoring and performs self-diagnostics.

FoamTronic® is designed for the harshest environments. The cabinet is manufactured from stainless steel and powder coated to ensure maximum corrosion protection. The complete assembly is preassembled using high quality components. Options such as cabinet heating and insulation are available.

It is possible to integrate the FoamTronic® into new and existing foam extinguishing systems.

More information about the FoamTronic®.

Written by Tom Weyns
Manager systems oil & gas benelux