Safety Connect

Safety Connect

Continuous monitoring of your fire and escape safety

Everyone who is in a building must feel safe: residents, employees, patients, students and visitors. Fire safety is essential, especially when large numbers  of people are together in a building, but how can you keep fire safety at the highest possible level? How do you deal with complex situations that could include, for example, several buildings at different locations?

Be assured of maximum fire safety

Fire and escape safety equipment can save lives – as long as they are operating at 100 percent. Periodic checks help to keep them in their optimal  tate. However, their usability decreases over time. This is due to incorrect use, damage, vandalism or a lack of maintenance. The Federatie Veilig  Nederland calculated that 15 percent of safety equipment may fail within one year after maintenance, but no one is able to say exactly when and why.

This means that you can never be 100 percent sure about fire safety. Safety Connect resolves this problem for you. Thanks to Safety Connect, you are  able to monitor the usability of the fire safety equipment down to the last detail. Realtime and 24/7. By being able to observe abnormalities you can minimize the risk of failures, and everyone in the building remains assured of maximum fire safety.

Safety Connect: How it works

Safety Connect uses the emergency lighting that, by law, is required in buildings. The emergency lighting fixtures are equipped with ‘nodes’ (transmitters and receivers) that are linked together to form a ‘mesh network’. The emergency lighting fixtures are ideal for this. In practice, they are almost always within 30 meters of one another, resulting in a very dense network. If there is a power failure, the back-up battery of the fixtures keeps the emergency lighting active for at least one hour, which means that the network is also maintained.

Via Bluetooth, the sensors fitted on the fire safety equipment pass on data to the nodes in the network. The nodes pass this data on to a ‘gateway’ that sends the data to a database in the cloud using a 4G connection.


The raw data is converted into valuable information and displayed clearly on a user platform.

Based on the information on the user platform, you can adjust the operation of the fire safety system as you see fit and take action immediately if appropriate. This is something you can do yourself or in consultation with Saval. Our experts monitor the platform as well. This enables them to act quickly and adequately at all times.

Safety Connect’s network is not connected to your corporate network in any way. This means that, in addition to the high security standard of Safety Connect’s network, cyber criminals have no access to your business-critical systems.


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