Conditiemeting volgens NEN 2767

NEN2767 condition measurement

Prepare for upcoming costs.

Getting safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, dry risers, etc. serviced annually by a certified maintenance company is a vital first step in preparing for fire and other calamities. Prevention is better than cure. Condition measurement gives you a straightforward, clear understanding of the technical condition of all your safety equipment.

During annual maintenance, parts defined as mandatory by the maintenance standard are replaced as standard. Those exhibiting signs of wear are preventatively replaced in order to avoid failures within the next 12 months. However, the state of the overall safety equipment depends on various factors. For example, a fire extinguisher may legally not be more than 20 years old. However, in adverse conditions, its actual service life may be shorter. Measuring the condition of your safety equipment helps you prepare yourself for costs and spots any defects in time.

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