Sustainable fire protection

De Groene Vlam is a joint venture between Saval, Kanaal 127, Vancanneyt and the renovation firm Clarus to employ disadvantaged groups and so achieve diversity in the workforce. It is a social enterprise, a trendsetter in developing and delivering sustainable and innovative products and services tailored to the customer in the area of fire prevention and control.


De Groene Vlam acknowledges the added value of diversity in its employment policy and therefore opts for a healthy mix of higher and lower-educated, younger and more mature, white and non-white, female and male, able-bodied and disabled employees. We offer equal opportunities for everyone who wants to help disseminate the values of De Groene Vlam and give their all for that goal. For De Groene Vlam, a sustainable employment policy is the basis of its operations, as is made tangible by its recognition as a social employer. This represents a conscious choice to include employment creation for disadvantaged groups in its mission and goals. De Groene Vlam aims for a sustainable partnership between the company and its employees, between employees and customers and between employees and society. This is reflected in every aspect of the employee’s experience; from recruitment, through training and supervision to working conditions.


De Groene Vlam has very consciously chosen Saval’s ‘green’ product package, reflecting the company’s sustainable approach to the environment. However, its ‘green’ objectives extend beyond its product. De Groene Vlam’s aim is ‘green’ business operations:

Staff are encouraged to adopt an eco-friendly attitude.

Customers are encouraged to choose eco-friendly products.

The company vehicles are environmentally friendly.

A sustainable and local purchasing policy is standard.


De Groene Vlam aims to be a reliable partner for its customers in the area of fire prevention, protection and control. As such, a sound financial base and optimum efficiency are important objectives towards building lasting customer relationships, in order to be able to invest in the research and development of innovative products and services tailored to the customer. The intensive cooperation between De Groene Vlam and Saval is an important guarantee in achieving this objective.


Saval is equally committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and a partnership with a like-minded organisation creates synergy.


Conversely, De Groene Vlam is an attractive partner for Saval, which makes the relationship sustainable: Saval can tap into new markets via a local distributor. And all within a social framework that fits with Saval’s CSR policy. The reality is a partnership that works for both parties.


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