VCA leidinggevenden

VCA for managers

After taking the course, the employee will know how to ensure work is carried out safely, how to keep risks to a minimum and how to act when observing work being performed unsafely.
The course is aimed at management staff who are required to have the VCA certificate, who work operationally within a VCA* or VCA** certified company or whose Basic Safety 2 diploma has expired.

Course duration:
Two days (16 hours) non-consecutive, including exam. Ideally, there should be at least one week between training days, since the second day is the exam day.

A shortened course is also available in preparation for the exam. This lasts one day (8 hours), including exam.

Tailored course

As specialists, we can tailor the course to your specific organisation. This will make it more familiar to course participants and increase their commitment. Within the statutory frameworks, the content of the course will be adapted to your specific risks. We have developed a number of training profiles, enabling us to provide tailored solutions in many cases.


The VOL-VCA exam consists of a written multiple-choice exam and is held by an independent agency (VCA Examenbank). If there are at least 10 participants, the exam can be held at a suitable location of your choice.


Upon successfully completing the exam, the course participants will receive the VOL-VCA diploma. This diploma is issued by VCA Examenbank under the oversight of the ECABO.


The VOL-VCA diploma is valid for 10 years.


No exemption.

Admission requirements

Participants must be able to speak and write Dutch (to LBO level).

Venue and lunch

In order to save time and increase familiarity for course participants, we can deliver practice and theory at your location. In this case, lunch is provided by the client. Naturally, tailored solutions are available for both the venue and for lunch. We can also hold the course at our head office in Breda or at one of our other training locations in the Netherlands. In this case, we will organise lunch for all participants.

Number of participants

In order to assure the quality of the training, we assume a maximum group size of 20 participants.

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