Evacuation drills

Evacuation drills

Evacuation drills are a compulsory recurring item on companies' annual agendas. However, Saval goes further. Practising evacuation procedures is required by law in preparation for a real emergency.

All the measures are in place: your company has a trained emergency response team, the evacuation plan is up to date, the evacuation floor plans are displayed exactly where they are supposed to be and the employees are familiar with the plans. However, no account has been taken of human behaviour…

Drill script

We will make a drill script for you covering the above. This will also include emergency procedures in the event of a real emergency during the drill.


We can provide multiple expert observers and simulated victims. We can also draw up a report with recommendations in response to the drill.

Duration of the drill

An evacuation drill need not take up more than half an hour of your employees’ time. You should allow at least an hour for the evaluation with the participants (emergency response team and evacuation team) after the drill.


The costs we charge for organising this drill differ per scenario. We will be pleased to make a quotation for you.

Supplementary programme

We offer you the opportunity to make more of your evacuation drill – for example, by organising a training day for all ERT members, concluding with a full evacuation drill. During this day, various small emergencies will be staged which the ERT must respond to. This day partly functions as a refresher course for your ERT members. By holding a brief training session beforehand, you comply with all the statutory requirements.

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